2013 NBA Betting – The Crowning Moment Of The Season Arrives

The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs have fought through three playoff series, followed by six games against each other. They now meet in a one-game battle for the NBA title.

2013 NBA Finals, Game 7: San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat– Thursday, June 20

Sport betting line: Miami -6

Why San Antonio Will Win

Online football betting students who want to add a little intrigue to their week might be interested in making a play on the underdog. You would have good reason to take San Antonio in this game, given that the Spurs have the veteran experience and the mental makeup needed to shrug off the memory of Game 6 and how a world championship slipped away. If any team – any combination of players and coaches – can rally and display the tunnel-vision focus needed to blot out a stomach-punch loss, it’s the Spurs. This organization has come as far as it has precisely because it possesses a supremely professional approach to everything it does. When the clamor of sports talk radio and the intensity of the national media spotlight is at its brightest, the Spurs withdraw to their inner circle, gain insight from head coach Gregg Popovich, and find a centered attitude that enables them to perform with high-level consistency.
Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Basketball Betting Finals
One should also realize heading into Game 7 that Miami generally needs a good Dwyane Wade in order to have a solid chance of winning. Wade got dinged up (specifically his knee) in Game 6 on Tuesday night and was simply ineffective at both ends of the floor in the playing time he received following his slight injury. Wade will have only one off day between Games 6 and 7 – he could use two. If Wade is not up to par on Thursday in Game 7, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra is going to have to think long and hard about benching him, but much as Popovich probably trusted Manu Ginobili a little too much in Game 6, Spoelstra could give Wade too much playing time in Game 7, and that could backfire on the Heat.
Why Miami Heat Will Win

With an online horse betting guru or a college football betting expert, the calculus of a given event depends not just on the intangibles, but on the reality of the human body and its limitations. Forget about desire and will and determination; San Antonio is the older team in this series, and after falling just short in an all-out attempt to close out Miami in Game 6, the Spurs will be at a disadvantage. Basketball gurus will tell you that the San Antonio Spurs will be mentally ready to play this game… but perhaps not physically ready.
There was a conscious and conspicuous effort on the part of the Spurs to finish the series in six games on Tuesday night. Tim Duncan willed his 37-year-old body to score 30 points and pull down 14 rebounds in the first three quarters of Game 6. Manu Ginobili played 34 minutes after a regular season in which his minutes were managed much more severely, often to the point that he wouldn’t play much more than 20 minutes, if that many. One should not question the Spurs’ mindset in this game, but it’s quite legitimate to wonder if San Antonio can call forth the level of pure energy it will need to win a Game 7 – both an elimination game and a close-out game, all in one package – on the road.

All in all, one should favor the home team in an NBA Game 7. This is especially true in the NBA Finals. The last time a road team won a Game 7 in an NBA Finals series was in 1978, when the Washington Bullets went to Seattle and defeated the Sonics in the Pacific Northwest. It’s been 35 years since a road team won Game 7 of an NBA Finals – are you really going to bet against a statistic such as that one?

Which Online Sports Betting Team Will Win?

The sense here is that this will be a competitive game, but Miami is likely to have more fuel in the tank, especially when playing at home. The Spurs will play intelligently, but they will not be able to match LeBron James’ physical prowess in important moments. Miami will win by eight points.

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