2013 NFL Betting – 2013 NFL Season: Jets Will Stay Down While Niners Will Remain Up

Online football betting lines aren’t yet firmly in place for the first few games of the upcoming NFL preseason and regular season, and that’s because the 2013 NFL Draft hasn’t yet taken place. Yet, even college football betting students, in transitioning to the pro game, would certainly stand on firm ground in saying that some teams have already improved their chances of succeeding in the coming autumn on the gridiron, while other teams have seen their fortunes plummet.

One thing that has to be said before anything else is that the New York Jets are definitely in for a rough 2013. Any online sports betting expert would not be in a position to dispute such a claim; the Jets are plainly losing bodies. Players no longer seem very interested in playing for an organization that mired itself in trouble by signing Tim Tebow and then refusing to play him at quarterback, even when it was clear that starting quarterback Mark Sanchez was not the answer and the Jets’ playoff hopes were finished. Unwise player decisions, combined with Ryan’s inability to improve the offense, has led players with maneuvering leverage to get out of the Big Apple and seek other places to play football.

Tight end Dustin Keller; safety LaRon Landry; guard Matt Slawson; running back Shonn Greene, and other players have all gotten tickets out of the Jets’ camp and have found safe harbor with another team. The Miami Dolphins, in marked contrast to the Jets, have made a number of pickups in free agency, getting wide receiver Mike Wallace from the Steelers, cornerback Brent Grimes from the Falcons, and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe from the Ravens, among other finds. The Jets will definitely be down this year in the AFC East and the Dolphins should be up, putting New York in no better than third place and almost surely out of the playoffs.

When you go over your next play at any of the best online sports betting review sites in the country, you need to realize with respect to this NFL season that the NFC champions have reinforced themselves. The San Francisco 49ers will indeed be swimming against the historical tide in the sense that Super Bowl participants don’t ordinarily make it back to the big game the very next season. The last team to make back-to-back Super Bowls was the New England Patriots in Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX. However, if either the Baltimore Ravens or the 49ers are going to do the deed this season, one should definitely take San Francisco. The Niners plucked receiver Anquan Boldin from the Ravens, making themselves a lot better while crippling Baltimore’s passing game. One has to realize that Boldin’s ability to get jump balls in traffic made quarterback Joe Flacco look so much better by comparison. Without Boldin, Flacco is likely to struggle. Meanwhile, San Francisco’s passing game should only become that much more effective.
NFL Betting Picks: New York Jets To Miss The Playoffs; San Francisco To Win The NFC West

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