Best USA Friendly Sportsbook For 2014-15 NCAAF Betting

The Sports book review website has been getting asked a lot about what the best USA Friendly Internet gambling website is for 2014-2015 NCAAF / college football betting season. There is a ton of money betting on NFL and college football, whether you are using offshore sports betting website, Las Vegas Sportsbook, or a fantasy sports betting website. The residents of The United States of America that play fantasy football at FanDuel make a ton of extra cash every year. This is not including the real money USA sports gamblers that wager on college football.

Best USA Friendly NCAAF Sportsbook For 2014-15 College Football Betting

Best USA Friendly Sportsbook For 2014-15 NCAAF Betting
The NCAAF season is almost here, do you have multiple Sportsbook accounts to find the best odds? Sure you can have one account at Safe Sportsbooks like BetAnySports. However the real answer to finding the best USA friendly Sportsbook for the 2014-2014 NCAAF / college football betting season is opening up multiple Sportsbook accounts.

Multiple USA Online and Mobile Sportsbooks

The most successful sports gamblers that read have between three and five American friendly Internet gambling website accounts. Naturally they have their preferred Sportsbooks, however their goal is to find the weakness in a books lines. There are a lot more college football / NCAAF games to bet on than NFL. While there is a ton of cash gambling on NFL, based on a poll we (and our sister websites) took last year USA Sports gamblers make more money betting on NCAAF / college football. The majority of them had an account with BetAnySports, and BetOnline. The other popular college football betting sites were GTBETS, TopBET, and 5Dimes. You can read more about all of the licensed online sports betting sites we have listed in our Sportsbook Review Websites section.

Mobile Phone and Tablet NCAAF College Football Betting

In our poll from last year, the American sports gamblers that were the most successful had at least one account with a licensed gambling website that had a Sportsbook Mobile application. Feel free to take a look at our mobile betting section. This allowed them to get their bet in when they want to without having to wait until they get to their laptop or desktop.

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