Betonline live betting review

Known for their Lifetime Bonus Guarantee, in addition to posting odds before the competition, is now also recognized for having the best Live betting product available to American (USA) bettors.

Bet Now With BetOnline USA Sportsbook

Also referred to as “in-game” or “in-running”, Live betting allows the gambler to bet from the opening whistle until the final bell. However, while just about every other American (USA) facing sportsbook only posts their Live odds during timeouts and stoppages of play, BetOnline keeps their odds open while the betting action is actually taking place on the field. Live Betting is a huge advantage for bettors looking to maximize the action on a particular game. It also allows players to find themselves in profitable situations as they make a quick bet as momentum changes on the field.

Another advantage BetOnline’s state of the art Live betting software has over the competition is the offering itself. No other sports betting site that caters to American (USA) bettors comes close to BetOnline’s robust and diverse offering. Currently, BetOnline is offering Live betting on every NBA basketball playoff game and just about every MLB baseball game. For football 2013, Live betting will be offered on each and every NFL football game. Besides having the core American sports covered, BetOnline also offers Live betting on NHL, soccer, tennis, golf and even cricket.

A feature that is truly unique to BetOnline’s Live betting offering is their limits, or lack thereof. BetOnline’s Live players can bet up to two thousand dollars on every in-game bet, dwarfing the competitions limits. Even more impressive, after the bet is accepted, the bettor can immediately place another bet for up to two thousand dollars on the same exact odds. The individual can keep doing this over and over again. Basically whatever is in the member’s BetOnline account is their limit.

BetOnline also has a popular promotion for their new Live bettors. If a bettor’s first Live wager doesn’t win, they can have their bet reimbursed in the form of a free play of up to $25.00. Since Live betting is still somewhat new in the American (USA), this promotion is ideal for bettors trying out Live betting for the first time.

In conclusion, BetOnline’s Live betting offering has all of the bases covered and is without a doubt the best offering available to US bettors. From the user-friendly software to the extensive offering, BetOnline’s in-game action is head and shoulders above the competition.

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