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The online football betting world loves to try and guess which players will shine above all the rest in a game that has not been played yet. Some people question whether or not the Super Bowl MVP is decided after the game has been played or before the game even starts. It is an award that is supposed to recognize the contribution that one player made to the game that allowed that player to stand above the others. The best sports betting sites for US Players are ready to see which player will wind up being the MVP of Super Bowl XLVII.

Ray Lewis – LB – Baltimore Ravens

The pending retirement of Ray Lewis has created much of the emotion that surrounds this game for the Baltimore Ravens. Many of the football betting sites feel that all Lewis has to do is have a decent game and he is a shoe-in for MVP. History has shown that retirement does not guarantee a player the Super Bowl MVP. In Super Bowl XL, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis played the last game of his career. He played a good game, but he was not MVP. Lewis will have to earn the honor if he wants it, and he definitely has the skills to win MVP.
NFL Super Bowl Online Betting News  Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco – QB – Baltimore Ravens

If you are someone that likes betting on sports, then you know that quarterbacks win the Super Bowl MVP honors more often than any other position. The MVP of Super Bowl XLVI was New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning. Joe Flacco has definitely stepped up his game in the second-half of the season and he very well could be crowned the Super Bowl MVP if Baltimore can pull off the win.

Aldon Smith – OLB – San Francisco 49ers

All season long, Aldon Smith and the Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt were battling it out to see who would win the regular season sack title. Smith finished one behind Watt with 19.5 sacks, but Aldon Smith still has the potential to change the momentum of a game by himself. He has become an expert at shutting down the opposing team’s passing game and he is also becoming an effective run stopper as well.

Colin Kaepernick – QB – San Francisco 49ers

Many fans and players feel that young quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the main reason why the 49ers was finally able to get over that hump and make it into the Super Bowl. The “read option” offense that Kaepernick has been so effective in this season has done nothing but completely frustrate defenses. Kaepernick has already broken single-game rushing records for quarterbacks in these playoffs and has shown that his versatility is the key to San Francisco’s success. If he can guide his team to a Super Bowl victory, then there is every reason to expect that Kaepernick would be named MVP of the game.

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