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NFL Betting: New York Jets Notable Offseason Moves

This has been a nasty offseason for the New York Jets, an organization whose future grows bleaker by the hour. Head coach Rex Ryan will have his work cut out… more

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NFL Betting: Buffalo Bills Notable Offseason Moves

The Buffalo Bills have done everything they feel they could have to transform themselves in to contenders for more than a decade now, but it has never been enough. The… more

2013 NFL Betting – 2013 NFL Season: NFL Draft Overview And Highlights

NFL betting lines will soon materialize for the season, though the wait has to be excruciating (and must feel interminable) for pro football bettors who want to have at it…. more

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NFL Week 1 lines released at

For the second year in a row, was the first US Online sportsook in the entire industry to release NFL Week 1 lines for the upcoming season. The Thursday… more

2013 NFL Betting – 2013 NFL Season: Jets Will Stay Down While Niners Will Remain Up

Online football betting lines aren’t yet firmly in place for the first few games of the upcoming NFL preseason and regular season, and that’s because the 2013 NFL Draft hasn’t… more


NFL Betting – An Early Look At The 2013 Football Season

Online football betting lines aren’t yet being posted for games, because the 2013 NFL schedule hasn’t been announced. However, even college football betting students, in transitioning to the pro game,… more

NFL Super Bowl Online Betting News Baltimore Ravens

NFL Super Bowl Online Betting News

The online football betting world loves to try and guess which players will shine above all the rest in a game that has not been played yet. Some people question… more

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NFL Betting – Endless Storylines Surrounding Ravens Can Compare To Hollywood Script

If it was written in Hollywood, it would have seemed unrealistic. The fact that it has unfolded right before our eyes makes it that much more incredible. The Baltimore Ravens… more

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NFL Football Betting – Four Teams to Watch For in 2013

While everyone is getting ready to bet on the Super Bowl, the professional football bettors are already looking towards next season. The 2012 season was exciting and interesting. It had… more

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NFL Football Betting – What Will Next Season Look Like for These 2012 Quarterbacks?

Now that the Seattle Seahawks and its rookie quarterback Russell Wilson are out of the playoffs, the Top-Rated Live Betting USA Online Sportsbook experts can look back and review the… more

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