Could the Knicks be Packing it in After Thursday?

Indiana Pacers @ New York Knicks – Thursday May 16, 2013 (Indiana leads 3-1)

The USA online sports betting site experts have been watching the New York Knicks self-destruct throughout these entire playoffs. The Knicks pulled it together just long enough to eliminate the Boston Celtics in the first round, but that looked like it was quite a challenge. New York has some great players on its team, but it is finding it difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. In this series against the Pacers, New York has been frustrated by Indiana’s fast-paced and physical play. What New York needs to do is focus on the things it does well and work from there.

The sports betting experts had predicted good things for the Indiana Pacers in the nba betting playoffs. It was said over and over again that Indiana was going to cause a lot of problems for some teams. It turns out that Indiana is looking to do more than just make a good showing in these playoffs. With a road win on Thursday night, the Pacers will advance to the Eastern Conference finals and await the winner of the Heat-Bulls series. The Pacers are young, healthy and hungry to win. This could be exactly what other teams in the conference did not want when the playoffs started.

New York Knicks

The best sports betting review sites are wondering if maybe the New York Knicks are relying too much on Carmelo Anthony and not spreading the ball around enough. If New York is going to avoid elimination, then it will need to get points from more than just Anthony. One of the important elements that has not performed well for New York in this series is the bench. The Knicks need some scoring performance from its bench players if it is going to get past Indiana in this game.

Indiana Pacers

The sports betting sites are recommending that the Indiana Pacers not change a thing about the way they are playing right now. Indiana is frustrating the Knicks and outplaying the Knicks in every game but one so far. Indiana has been playing superb defense, which is one of the reasons why the Knicks have been relying on Carmelo Anthony so much.

When Indiana takes the floor for this game, the team needs to focus on moving the ball and scoring points from all over the floor. Otherwise, this will be it for the New York Knicks’ season.

The NBA Sports Betting Bottom Line

The Knicks should be happy to be in the playoffs, but the team has loftier goals than that. There is still a void in the leadership area that this team needs to contend with if it wants to move forward and challenge for the title. As for the Pacers, this is a young team that is definitely headed in the right direction and should not change a single thing.

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