Heat Burns Philly on the Road

Miami Heat @ Philadelphia 76ers – Saturday February 23, 2013 7:30PM EST

The USA Online Sportsbook experts feel kind of bad for the Philadelphia 76ers. The team let a lot of young talent go to make room for Andrew Bynum, but things with Bynum have not exactly gone well. Bynum has yet to play in a game this season, although he continues to claim that he is ready to go. What Philadelphia is left with is a roster of young players complimented by veteran bench players, none of which can really come together and create a dominating team. All of that hoopla created by Bynum’s arrival seems like ancient history now.

The Miami Heat had taken a lot of flack from sports betting experts for the Heat’s relaxed play on the road in the first half of the season. It wasn’t that Miami could not compete with these other teams on the road, it just looked like Miami wasn’t interested in playing on the road. While the Heat maintains a strong home record, it was barely above .500 on the road when the All-Star break started. Now that the second half of the season gets underway, it is time for the Miami Heat to show that it can defend its title when the playoffs finally come around.

Philadelphia 76ers

As poorly as the online betting experts think that the 76ers have played this season, Philadelphia is only four games out of a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The team has struggled all season to find an identity that was supposed to be centered around the size and strength of Andrew Bynum. The fans could feel more compassion for the 76ers if it wasn’t for the fact that Bynum’s behavior was the same in Los Angeles. The 76ers should have known that it was getting a big man who lacked the maturity to be a reliable team leader. Now the team is paying for its short-sightedness with a horrible season.

Miami Heat

The experts from the best sports betting sites online that accept USA players fully expect the Miami Heat to take advantage of the problems that the Philadelphia 76ers is experiencing. The Heat need to get its killer instinct back, and that can begin with this visit to Philadelphia to play a 76ers team that has had the killer instinct ripped out of it by the antics of Andrew Bynum. Lebron James is having another MVP season, and now he needs the rest of his Heat teammates to step up and help win these key road games.

The NBA Betting Bottom Line

Miami Heat fans should be gravely concerned if Miami loses this game to the Philadelphia 76ers. On the other hand, this game has all of the elements that the Heat needs to get on a roll as the playoffs start to come around.

NBA Betting Pick: Miami Heat

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