How Do I Win When I Bet On Sports?

The questions that we receive the most in our emails are how do I win when I bet on sports? We are going to take some time to cover a little bit of sports betting strategies. The truth is that the majority of the time most people loose money. There are tons of misconceptions about winning in the long term however the 99% of sports bettors loose their money.


One thing that I always recommend is that people get professional tips from a sports handicapper. It costs some money, but it is kind of like insurance the way I look at it. If there is someone who has a winning record wouldn’t you like to get his or her strategy?

I would, this is why I consider it an insurance policy rather than an expense. The bottom line is the house always has the advantage; they make the lines, which put the sports bettor at a disadvantage immediately. The thing a person needs to do is find the bet where the USA Online Sportsbook does not have the advantage. This can be very difficult. We recommend that people stop making expected value bets as a first step. This is a wager where the sportsbook has an advantage. Many people do not know what expected value is and it is okay, we will cover it.

What is Expected Value Sports Betting?

Metaphorically speaking if two people where flipping poker chips and one side had the number one of it and the other side had the number two. The two people flipping the coin would be at equal advantage. The reason is the poker chip can fall either way, on number one or two; there are only two outcomes. This is an example of an expected value bet.

Lets take this one step further, if we are tossing up poker chips and I say I want to stop playing. He says back lets keep playing and I will cut you a deal. For instance the new deal is when the poker chip lands on number one you are paid out a one dollar and ten cents while if the chips lands on number one for my friend I owe him one dollar. This bet has now gone in my favor because if we keep flipping poker chips eventually I will end up with more money. This is a negative expected value bet for my friend and positive in my favor.

There still are some cases where I could have the advantage and after flipping coins I could still lose because the chip lands on the side with the number two on it. This is not probable but it can take place. When you bet on sports the thing you need to do is find bets where you have the positive expected value. Many people do not take the time out to learn about this, which we will cover later in the week. This is why we recommend a sports handicapper.

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