The Bruins and Canadiens Battle for Northeast Supremacy

Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens – Saturday April 6, 2013 7:00PM EST

When the NHL realigns next season, these divisional battles between teams like the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens will become very important. The betting public does like the division playoff concept that the NHL will be going to where teams must fight their way out of their own division in the first two rounds of the playoffs. At this point, the Montreal Canadiens still hold onto the Northeast Division lead that it has held onto for the majority of the season. The Bruins are only a point out of the division lead and this is Boston’s chance to take the top spot.

The sports betting world loves a good “Original Six” rivalry that has roots which are decades old. The Boston Bruins are a physical hockey team that simply does not like the Montreal Canadiens. These two teams have a past that is filled with bench-clearing brawls and terrible injuries. The current Boston team has been able to adjust to the loss of goaltender Tim Thomas and has been competitive all season long. The addition of Jaromir Jagr will be tricky for Boston because the Bruins’ top two offensive lines have been together for a long time and Jaromir Jagr is not a third-line player.

Montreal Canadiens

The best online sports betting review sites never really gave the Canadiens much of a chance to win the Northeast Division when the season started. But Montreal had bulked up its defense during the offseason and put itself into a position to contend in the physical Northeast Division. Montreal is actually within striking distance of the Pittsburgh Penguins at the top of the Eastern Conference as well. This could be a very good year for Montreal, just so long as its goaltending holds out in the playoffs.
Boston Bruins

The online sports betting experts have not really given up on the Boston Bruins in the past two seasons. One of the keys to the Bruins’ Stanley Cup run two years ago was goaltender Tim Thomas. But the Bruins also have a great balance between offense and defense that makes it a very difficult team to play. It is difficult to beat the Bruins with team speed and there are few teams that can out-hit the Boston Bruins. The Canadiens have tried both approaches this season and will probably turn towards a physical game in this instance.

The NHL Sports Betting Bottom Line

The Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins will probably take their battle down to the final game of the shortened 2013 regular season. These Boston-Montreal games are always fun to watch and it is also fun to watch the fans in both buildings get involved as well. The Bruins and Canadiens know how to handle pressure situations, which means that this game will not feature a lot of errors. This will be a clean game that the Montreal Canadiens should come away with.

NHL Sports Betting Pick: Montreal Canadiens

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