NCAA – Delaware Fightin’ Blue vs. William & May

Kasbie Company This is probably what many fans from both sides have been waiting for; Delaware Fightin Blue hen Vs William and Mary game on 10th March. The two powerhouses are promising to battle it out, and prove who among the two is champion. These two teams, for sure, have one of the deepest histories, and win for any one of them will surely enrich their history in the games; they have over the years continued to represent their colleges in sports.

Going into this battle are the talented players, remarkable abilities and brilliance from both sides. The Delaware Fightin Blue Hen is actually hoping to pick up from where they left in January at Kaplan Arena. On the other hand, William and Mary will be trying their best to turn things around in their favor. The following is a little bit of history about each team.

William and Mary

This team represents one of the most renowned college of William and Mary; a place that has been known to produce the best American leaders. For a very long time this sport powerhouse has become quite synonymous with NCAA. Despite their outstanding achievement in sports, they are actually going to face a team they lost to in January. All in all, their coach said they ironed things out after that loss. In fact, he has promised that they are going to trash their rivals.

Delaware Fightin Blue Hen

The history of this team actually dates back to over a century. Coached by Dave Brock, this team represents the University of Delaware. Compared with the other team, they are well ahead when it comes to achievement. In fact, Delaware Fightin Blue Hen alone boasts whopping six titles from all the national competitions they have participated in for the last 117 years. The team was actually relegated from the championship, but they bounced back in 2007. Since then they have continued to dominate major events and it is one of the forces to reckon with right now.

Generally, this is one of those clashes that you never want to miss. This is because these two teams have for a very long time dominated the sports arena. If you are a big fan of one of them, it will make more sense if you put any other business aside and you go watch this game. Get there, cheer your team and give them the moral support. All in all, these two have proved to be a hard nut to crack. Basically, the whole thing will be a show of might, as well as, power. You surely cannot afford to miss it.

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