NFL Football Betting: Houston Texans Notable Offseason Moves

The Houston Texans have been a rising star in the AFC for the past two seasons, but injuries always seem to stand between the Texans and their ultimate goal of a Super Bowl win. Two years ago, it was injuries to Mario Williams and quarterback Matt Schwab that kept Houston from advancing in the playoffs. Last season, injuries to linebacker Brian Cushing tore the heart out of the Houston defense and the team fell short.

The Texans worked hard to add some depth to its roster in the offseason and it has led many people to believe that Houston is one of the top three favorites to win the AFC. The three biggest moves that the Texans made may not have made national headlines, but they will make a huge difference when the team kicks off the 2013 regular season.

2013 Super Bowl Odds: 18/1

Online NFL Football Betting Notable Change #1: The Signing of Ed Reed
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Let’s be honest, Ed Reed is still one of the best safeties in the entire NFL. Even at his advanced age of 34, he still has the smarts and the skills to take on any offense in the NFL. The Ravens are going to have an incredibly difficult time defending their Super Bowl title without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. On the plus side, the signing of Ed Reed just made a good Houston Texans’ secondary even better. Between wise old defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and Reed, this will be a much better Houston defense.

Online NFL Football Betting Notable Change #2: Signing Fullback Greg Jones

Ben Tate and Arian Foster were getting killed trying to block for each other. The Texans would bring in the occasional tight end to try and lead the way for Foster, but it was usually Foster who made his own yards. The Texans tried to imagine the 1-2 punch they could have if both Tate and Foster could stay healthy. That is where former Jacksonville Jaguars fullback Greg Jones comes into play. Jones spent the last six years blocking for Maurice Jones-Drew and helped Jones-Drew to become one of the greatest running backs of all-time. Now that Jones is in Houston, he can take some of the pressure off Tate and Foster and help keep the running back duo healthy all season long.

Online NFL Football Betting Notable Change #3: Re-Signing Brice McCain, Tim Dobbins and Ryan Harris

No team, in any sport, wins a championship without excellent role players. While McCain, Dobbins and Harris are not household names, they are three players that take on roles which are vital to Houston’s success. McCain is a cornerback, Dobbins is a linebacker and Harris is an offensive tackle that plays primarily on running plays. Without talented guys like this, the Houston Texans would have absolutely no chance of winning in the playoffs. It is moves like this that make the Houston Texans a championship team.

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