NFL Football Betting News – Cowboys Come Up Short for the Second Year in a Row

NFL Football Odds -- Cowboys Try to Overcome "Hangover" as They Face Redskins

Cowboys Come Up Short for the Second Year in a Row

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins – Sunday December 30, 2012 8:20PM EST

Last season, the USA Friendly online Sportsbook experts watched as the Dallas Cowboys fumbled around all season long and still wound up in a position to win the NFC East with a win over the New York Giants in the season finale.

The Cowboys lost and Valley Ranch was thrown into chaos yet again. Roster changes were made and the annual questioning of Tony Romo as the Dallas quarterback began. The team brought in some more defense to help close out games and there were high expectations for the entire offensive unit.

In what seems like the most unlikely series of events ever, the Dallas Cowboys have once again fumbled around the 2012 regular season only to wind up in a regular season finale to decide the NFC East title. This time, the Cowboys will face the Redskins and the NFL betting experts do not like the Cowboys’ chances in this game. Last season, the Cowboys were projected as having a chance against a New York Giants team that seemed like it could not get out of its way. This year, the Cowboys face a Redskins team that is on a roll and ready for the playoffs.

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins almost threw in the towel on the 2012 season around week six. The online betting sites were surprised to hear Washington head coach Mike Shanahan talking as though the season was already over. But the Redskins put together a six-game winning streak that included a win without rookie quarterback sensation Robert Griffin III under center. It appears as though RGIII’s injuries have healed enough where he can have most of his normal mobility. If that is the case, then the Dallas Cowboys’ defense will have to spend all day chasing around a quarterback that few defenses have been able to stop.

Dallas Cowboys

The football betting experts figured that the Dallas Cowboys would close out the 2012 NFC East title with a win in week 16 over a struggling New Orleans Saints team. But the Saints wanted it more than the Cowboys did and now Dallas has one more shot at making the playoffs. It is safe to say that, if this Dallas team does not make a move now and get into the playoffs, team owner Jerry Jones will be making some significant changes in 2013. If this team wants to stay together, then it needs to win this game.

The Online Sports Betting Bottom Line

Many people are picking the Cowboys to win this game based solely on the fact that the Cowboys is a veteran team with experience. The problem is that most of that experience is in losing big games. The Washington Redskins feel unbeatable behind its rookie quarterback, and this game will send shockwaves through the Dallas organization that will be felt all winter long.

NFL Football Sports Betting Pick: Washington Redskins

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