The News On NFL Online Betting This Week

Lets get right down to nfl online betting first week. I am going to cover a couple games where the stats and/or total score don’t tell the whole story. Having the ability to clear fact from speculation will let you to make the proper adjustments to your own handicapping.

The Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets game is one of those situations where the end result doesn’t tell the truth. Buffale outgained the Jets 390-384. Buffalo nearly lost the war for first downs (21-20) and time of possession was close to even. Buffalo was horrible in my humble opinion. The offense had a hard time all day with little to no running game aside from the one CJ Spiller touchdown run. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was brutal; missing his receivers with high and throws that were off sorts throughout the game to go with 3 interceptions. The defense couldn’t stop the run and the secondary was carved up by Mark Sanchez and receivers Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley.

I believe it is worth stating that Jets head coach Rex Ryan played with using a Wildcat variation with backup quarterback Tim Tebow under center and starter Mark Sanchez flanked out to the wide side as a “receiver” for a bunch of plays. The amount of times he tried and it didn’t work out too well as most of the time it was Tebow keeping the ball and not doing much else.
NFL Football Odds -- Cowboys Try to Overcome "Hangover" as They Face Redskins
Could there be problems for the Eagles this season? If their really lucky squeaker of a win over Cleveland is any indication, it is a possibility. The Eagles statistically speaking ran over the Browns, pounding them by a huge 456-210 margin. They did need a very late Mike Vick touchdown to drive to come from behind to win. Vick was woeful throwing four picks. The offensive line had trouble keeping Vick clean in the pocket as he was sacked and hurried multiple times. It’s difficult to determine the Eagles defense because rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden who was positively AWFUL! He had the single worst quarterback performance in Week 1. He was an anemic 12-of-35 passing for just 118 yards and threw four interceptions without a touchdown. He didn’t handle blitzes well, forced throws into tight coverage, and was terribly inaccurate with even the simplest short to intermediate throws. Despite his poor play, the Eagles were still barely win. They handed Cleveland every opportunity to win the game and the Browns just couldn’t take advantage of it. The Eagles have every right to be concerned. Meanwhile, the Browns should take some positive out of the fact they could have won despite getting little to nothing from the passing game.

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