An Original Six Classic as Montreal Travels to Boston

Bruins, Blackhawks Set To Collide In 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

The best USA Sportsbooks such as BetOnline US Sportsbook love it when two Original Six NHL teams get together in a game that means something late in the season. The Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins have been going back and forth for the Northeast Division lead all season long and now the two teams collide in a game in Boston that should be extremely exciting to watch. The Montreal Canadiens have proven to be a very improved team and have been able to lift itself from worst to first in the division. The Canadiens are stronger on defense and goaltender Carey Price has been solid in net.

The Boston Bruins were not sure what this season would bring because of the strange way in which the team lost Vezina Trophy winning goaltender Tim Thomas. The sports betting world still does not know what to make of Thomas’ sudden and strange decision to walk away from the NHL, but the Bruins had to move on. Boston decided to give the starting goaltender job to the emotional Tuukka Rask. Rask has responded by being reliable and solid in goal. The team in front of him has developed the confidence it needs in its goaltender to go out and play its aggressive style of hockey.

Montreal Canadiens

The USA Online Sportsbook experts remember what a circus the Montreal Canadiens have been for the past two seasons. At one point, the fans’ biggest concern was that the head coach did not speak French. The team has come a long way in a short period of time and now the focus is on winning. The Canadiens brought in bigger defensemen and Carey Price has been on his game all season long. Montreal plays a fast-paced game that should give the Bruins plenty to worry about.

Boston Bruins

The online sports betting world has been impressed with how Tuukka Rask has stepped in and taken over as Boston’s starting goaltender. The rest of the team is free to play its hard-hitting style of hockey. The Bruins have all of the elements that a winning team needs. It has a physical defense and a free-wheeling offense. The forwards on the Bruins also come back to play defense, which allows Boston to clear its zone easier. This team plays a lot like the Boston team that won the Stanley Cup two years ago, and that is good news for Bruins fans.

NHL Hockey Online Sports Betting Bottom Line

This will be a fun game to watch, especially if you like physical and fast-paced hockey. Each goalie will be prepared to put on a clinic on how to play under pressure in the NHL and both of these teams will be playing like they desperately want this game. In the end, the Bruins should be able to fend off the Montreal attack and roll away with the win.

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NHL Hockey Sports Betting Pick: Boston Bruins

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