NHL Betting – Montreal and Ottawa Face Off in a Young Season


Montreal Canadiens @ Ottawa Senators – Wednesday January 30, 2013 7:00PM EST

The online betting experts were wondering if the Ottawa Senators would be able to carry over its excellent play from late last season into this shortened campaign, and so far Ottawa has been abl to stay on track. The Senators boast a 2-0-0 record this season with an amazing goals ratio of eight goals for and only one goal against. The amazing thing is the play of goaltender Craig Anderson. After years of inconsistent play with teams like the Colorado Avalanche, it looks like Anderson has found a home in Ottawa. He has allowed one goal in the team’s first two games and he looks like he is ready for a great season.

The sports betting fans in Montreal let the team know what they thought of the team’s record as last season started to wind down. The Canadiens finished dead last in the Northeast Division and never really threatened to climb out of the basement at any point in the season. Things look a little more promising this season as Montreal is off to a 1-1-0 start. The big reason that Montreal fans have hope is because the Canadiens have five goals for and only three against. It isn’t much, but it already a better ratio than the team had last season.

Ottawa Senators

The Senators made some key changes to its roster two seasons ago and the addition of Anderson seems to be that last move that Ottawa needed to become a contender again. If you enjoy betting on sports, then you probably remember the seasons where Ottawa was one of the best teams in the league during the regular season, but failed to advance in the playoffs.

The Senators came within an overtime goal of beating the Rangers in the playoffs last season. This year, Ottawa is looking to make some progress towards its goal of a Stanley Cup.

Montreal Canadiens

The primary goal in Montreal right now is to win games. The online sports book experts know how unforgiving the fans in Montreal can be and things are not rosy in the province of Quebec these days. The Montreal roster is littered with goalies that the team has tried off and on for the past two seasons. But the Habs have turned to Carey Price again this season and he has been consistent so far. The only question is whether or not he can keep it up.

NHL Betting Bottom Line

The Montreal Canadiens needed to get bigger in the offseason and it did not. Until Montreal gets some power on its forward lines, it will have problems winning consistently. The Senators look as though it has been able to carry over its good fortune from last year to this year. The Senators play a style of game that will be hard for the smaller Canadiens to handle.

NHL Betting Pick: Ottawa Senators

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