NFL Football Betting – What Will Next Season Look Like for These 2012 Quarterbacks?

Now that the Seattle Seahawks and its rookie quarterback Russell Wilson are out of the playoffs, the Top-Rated Live Betting USA Online Sportsbook experts can look back and review the quarterback class of 2012. Andrew Luck looked like an experienced professional after only a few games in the NFL. His poise in the pocket and his ability to pull out last minute wins has already made him a legend in Indianapolis. But will Luck be the same if his offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, goes off to be a head coach?

Chuck Pagano is the Colts’ head coach, but it was Arians who coached the team in 2012 when Pagano was being treated for leukemia. It was Arians who put together the offensive scheme that utilized an offensive unit made up of mostly rookies, and it was Arians who helped propel that team of rookies into an NFL playoff team. The US online football mobile phone live sports betting world will be interested to see how Luck responds when Arians is no longer there.

NFL Football Odds -- Cowboys Try to Overcome "Hangover" as They Face Redskins

Perhaps the biggest question mark for 2013 will be Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. When the Redskins lost in the wild card round of the playoffs, it was announced immediately that RGIII had to have his right knee surgically repaired again. The surgery is done and it has been called a success. The best sports betting sites online for US Players remind everyone that Adrian Peterson had reconstructive surgery and nearly broke the NFL rushing record this year. But Peterson’s knee did not have previous damage. There is no telling how RGIII’s knee will respond to the surgery.

Ryan Tannehill looks to have a bright future in Miami. All the team needs to do now is put some receivers around Tannehill and strengthen up the offensive line. With the right players in place, the mobile phone live US sports betting experts feel that Tannehill could be the cog that helps turn the Dolphins back into a playoff team.

The Cleveland Browns is not quite sure what it has in quarterback Brandon Weeden, but Cleveland knows that it wants to give Weeden another shot at proving himself. Look for Cleveland to get aggressive in the draft and free agency when it comes to picking up more receivers to surround Weeden with. Rookie running back Trent Richardson already offers the running game that Cleveland needs. With a corps of competent receivers, Cleveland could be a decent football team.

The 2012 rookie quarterback with the brightest future is Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson seemed to get better and better with each week and there is no telling how valuable this playoff experience was for him. Wilson looked in command of his offense and he was making good decisions all the way through to the fourth quarter of Seattle’s playoff game against Atlanta. There were no rookie quarterback mistakes that cost Seattle its chance to play in the NFC title game.

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