Online NHL Betting – In The Best Interest Of Players To Get A Deal Done Soon

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With labor talks between the National Hockey League and its players stalling once again this past online sportsbook week, it is becoming more likely that a lockout is destined to happen once the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires on September 15. With less than two weeks to go before the deadline date, the NHL and NHLPA haven’t come close to settling the fundamental economic issues that have been at the core of the negotiations and there were no further talks scheduled when they decided to recess Friday. The situation has escalated to the point where neither side can even agree on who elected to end the negotiations, and that’s not a good sign for sports betting fans that can’t wait for their hockey. The longer the process drags on the more apparent it is becoming that the players have little leverage in the discussions, and it could be a situation where it is now in their best interest to get a deal done as soon as possible.

The biggest obstacle in the way of getting a deal done is a significant decrease in the share of revenues that will be allotted to the players, and there is no question that the owners are asking for too much at this point. The league’s latest proposal asked the players to reduce their share of revenues from 57-percent to 46-percent, a change that will significantly shift the numbers from significantly in the players’ favor to completely out of it while passing right by a median barrier. The players had every right to decline such a significant loss that would severely handicap their overall position moving forward, but the NHL was not amenable to any of the options that the union responded with and that has led to the latest stalemate. The league has already committed to locking out its players if a deal isn’t in place by the 15th, and after an entire online betting season was cancelled in 2004 there is no doubt the owners are ready to do what it takes to get their way.

While it would be unrealistic for the players to take such a big cut with absolutely no positive change in their favor, finding a common ground to get a deal done should be the main priority. It is absolutely clear that the owners are willing to lock out the players for at least a full season unless they significantly change the revenue sharing outlook, and there is no way that the players will be able to keep their share at 53-percent or better. The players could find a solution around the 51 to 52-percent mark in their favor if it means saving the season, but without a significant reduction a deal simply isn’t going to happen. While the owners can handle the potential loss, the limited career lengths of the players leaves little room for missing out on an entire year’s worth of salary, especially those upwards of $4-million. The time is running out for the NHL and its players to come up with a deal, and for the players getting a deal done as soon as possible makes too much sense to ignore. For all of the latest NHL futures and updates on the CBA talks, make sure to check out the best sports betting sites.

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