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Last Night’s UFC Battles On Fox Were Action Packed. Erik Koch Faced Ricardo Lamas in the First Fight to start of the night. This fight was even more full of action than we thought it would be. In the second fight Anthony Pettis with a MMA record of 13-2 took on Donald Cerrone (19-4-NC). Next up was Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira and the main event featured Jon Dodson vs. Demetrious Johnson.

Erik Koch Faced Ricardo Lamas

The fight started off very nicely with a lot of action, Ricardo Lamas started the fight with an action packed spinning hook kick, which he did not land. Lamas demonstrated incredible footwork and followed up with more kicks, which he did land, however Koch returned with kicks to the body. Erik Koch who is primarily a striker demonstrated some great take down defense as Lamos went for the which he was successful at but Koch got right back up.

The fighters clichéd for a while and did some dirty boxing when suddenly Lamos did a spinning elbow to break the clinch. I don’t that that even the best online UFC Betting Experts would have predicted this much action. As round two started off, Lamos slipped and Koch tried to capitalize on the slip. However the aggressive Koch made a bad move because this allowed Lamos to get on top of him and throw some devastating elbows, which drew blood from Koch. The referee stopped the fight in the first round. I don’t think the entire Online UFC Betting Community would have though that Koch would have lost in the first round; now Lamos has a total or 14 victories.

Anthony Pettis vs. Donald Cerrone

The second Fight started off with an overly aggressive Anthony Pettis, who went in too strong for a fighter such as Donald Cerrone. I don’t think even the best Online UFC Betting Guru’s would bet that Pettis would land that kick. Pettis landed a nice, strong roundhouse kick to the body and Cerrone went down in the first round. This was a swift knockout, which I don’t believe any Online UFC Betting expert would predict.

Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira

The Third fight featured Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira who both dislikes each other. “I have trained to destroy Glover,” said Rampage in the weight in. Rampage is a great fighter and has one of the best chins in MMA; he is also a five-time event winner with a record of 32-10. Glover trains with the UFC legend Chuck Liddell and is an amazing fighter as well. Rampage’s boxing techniques were impeccable especially his dynamic head movement, however it was not enough to stop the powerful Glover Teixeira.

Glover Teixeira took Rampage down and gets the back mount but Rampage got up and quickly fired off a leg kick continuing the standup battle. Glover Teixeira responded to his leg kicked quickly with a high roundhouse kick. Rampage, who has incredible stamina, starts to look tired and seemed to be in survival mode.

Teixeira takes Rampage down effortlessly but ends in Rampage’s half guard and after a little ground battle Rampage with able to get up and land a few good jabs. Even though Rampage looks tired he ducks and dodges Teixeira strikes to the head. Rampage started to look better toward the end of the second round.

The third round started off with a round house kick to the body by Rampage, but Teixeira took down Rampage again, I don’t believe any online UFC Betting Fan would think Teixeira would dominate Rampage as well as he did. Rampage got up and tried to take down Teixeira unsuccessfully and Teixeira takes Rampage down again. Teixeira is patient and stayed away from a slugfest with Rampage. The fight went to the decision, which was in favor of Teixeira.

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