Sports Betting Lines Explained | Understanding How Betting Odds Work


Sports betting odds are the most common ways to wager with US offshore bookmakers online or a local bookie in your state. Learning to understand the sports betting odds is very important and can lead to huge profits, especially if you are betting on college football, NFL, and college hoops. Every year the best sports betting sites online accepting USA players come out with new ways to wager on sports like the Sportsbooks with live betting. This has made betting sports online easier and more profitable for the recreational gambler.

Best US Sportsbooks With Large Varieties of Betting Odds

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When people first start to bet on sports they usually come to a review website like to learn the differences in the sports betting odds. The lines are different for all sports but it is not complicated to learn. Having the basic knowledge of how to wager real money or Bitcoins on sports can bring you in a lot of extra cash.

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Different Types of Odds For Wagering On Sports

There are many different types of ways to wager on sports like the regular game odds. The game odds consist of straight bets, Pointspreads, betting the moneyline, the over/under, and the futures.

Game odds are the most common ways that Americans place real money sports wagers online. It is vitally important to understand just because you place a wager on a team and they win does not mean that you win money. There are different types of odds when betting sports online and we will cover the differences.

The pointspread and the moneyline are very profitable for people to bet on. The pointspread is when a team is listed as a favorite or listed as the underdog. For instance if the sports betting odds have the New York Jets listed as the three points favorites to win against the Seattle Seahawks, and you bet on the pointspread on the Jets they have to win by more than three points in order to you to win. This means that if they game ends 30-27 in favor of the Jets you get a push, meaning the online bookmaker and you both do not win. If the score is 31-27 you won because they covered the pointspread by one point If the game ends and the Jets beat the Seahawks 30-29 the online Sportsbook wins because they did not cover the three-point spread.

If you do not want to bet on a team based on how much or a favorite or underdog they are, you can wager on the moneyline. The Moneyline wager is a very common way for gamblers to place their bets and it simply means that you are paying a premium for a team not to cover the pointspread. For instance lets use the last example where the New York Jets beat the Seattle Seahawks 30-27. If they Jets were listed at -210 on the moneyline then you would have to wager $210 for every hundred dollars you want to win. This means that you are wagering more money to win the bet without the team having the cover the pointspread. This type of sports wager is very common and can come in very handy. There are also teasers and parlays, which is betting on several games at once.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are very common and can be very profitable to wager on. A proposition wager can cover a wide assortment of topics. For instance of the “prop bets” on the Superbowl was whether the game will end in a score that will be higher than the value of a Bitcoin (BTC). This is an example of a big proposition sports wager and it also involves the total points the game will end in plus what the price of the Bitcoin is. A basic proposition bet is something like “Will Lebron James score more than 20 points in tonight’s game”? You can either bet that he will or he won’t and you will win or loose based on the outcome of the game and how many points he scores. Top

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