Explanation Of How Sports Betting Odds Work

The explanation on how sports betting odd work are a part of our Sportsbook wagering helps series of articles. When people that bet on sports visit a US friendly online Sportsbook that usually see different online sports betting odds plus different sports that they bookies are offering to their customers. After that the customer is expected to know how to place a real money sports wager, and if it their first time on a sports betting site it may be hard to figure out. We are going to give you a list below of the best USA online Sportsbooks that have the easiest ways to wager plus we will explain the different ways to win cash money betting sports online. Take a look at the US Sportsbooks with live betting for a grandiose amount of ways to wager during the game.

US Sportsbooks With Various Ways To Wager On Sports

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1. Intertops Intertops

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2. Bovada Bovada

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3. BetOnline USA Sportsbook BetOnline USA Sportsbook

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4. MyBookie.ag USA Mobile Sportsbook Online MyBookie.ag USA Mobile Sportsbook Online

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The Different Ways To Money On Sporting Events

Some people that understand how the sports betting odds work from betting with a local bookie find it confusing looking at the offshore wagering lines. The concepts are still the same like straight bets, over/under wagers, betting the total, reduced juice, parlays, teasers, and other exotic wagering options that we outline in the sports betting odds explained section.

Most people that live in the United States of America that bet on sports with local bookies of offshore bookmakers usually place straight wagers. This means that they bet on if a team is going to win by a certain number of points. This is not necessarily the most profitable way to wager of sports because the moneyline can benefit you.


Moneyline sports wagers offer the offshore bookmaker customer the option to pay a premium in order to win betting on a team without them covering the pointspread. This means that if the New York Giants are facing off against the Denver Broncos and the Giants are laying five points on the Broncos but the Giants are also listed at -450 on the moneyline. The customers at the offshore bookmakers can place a four hundred fifty dollar bet in order to win whether or not the Giants cover the pointspread. This may seem like a lot of money in some cases to win a smaller amount but if you do a regular straight bet on certain games then you may loose outright whereas you could have profited from a moneyline wager.

Parlay Betting:

Wagering on parlays can be one of the most profitable ways to win some serious cash betting sports online. The easiest way to explain Parlays is that you are placing a wager that is lined to multiple sporting events where the outcomes are tied together. For instance if a American bettors places a parlay wager on four games that all of the favorites will cover the pointspread, they will win or loose depending on the OUTCOMES OF ALL OF THE GAMES. While it may be much harder to win wagering parlays if you do win you can bring home hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Teaser Wagers:

Teasers are gambling on the NFL specifically. The benefit is that it will give the bettor a chance to shift the wagering odds closer. Wagering a teaser can be gambled in various amounts to shift the odds, however the payout will be different depending on the amount. The purpose of a teaser bet is to reduce the risk. Click here to find out more information about teaser strategies. Top

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