There is a War Brewing In Miami


Indiana Pacers @ Miami Heat – Friday (Miami leads 1-0)

The American (USA) sportsbook experts watched as the Indiana Pacers came two seconds away from winning game one of this season’s Eastern Conference finals. Truth be told, the Pacers have several chances to put that game away earlier on, but Indiana could not get the ball to fall. The Pacers also had trouble getting the officials calls to go their way. But what the Pacers did take from game one is the confidence that they can beat the Miami Heat, and that was something that the Pacers were looking for.

The online sports betting world noticed that, when the Heat needed Lebron James in game one of this series, Lebron James came up big. That is what league MVPs and future NBA legends are supposed to do. When the Heat needed a surge up the middle for two points to win the game, it was Lebron James who provided that surge. During that final two seconds of the game, Dwyane Wade was on the Miami bench. It is scary to think of how deep this Miami team could really be if they felt comfortable sitting one of the “big three” for the single most important moment in the game.

Indiana Pacers

The American (USA) online sports betting experts could start showering praise on certain individual players on the Indiana Pacers team for their play to this point, but that would go against everything that got Indiana to this point. The Pacers are a team and that is how they have found their success. The bench in Indiana is deep and the starting lineup is full of aggressive, young players who obviously enjoy playing together. This is a team that will be heard from in the coming seasons in the NBA and it is a team that will be heard from before these playoffs are over.

Miami Heat

The American (USA) online sports betting review sites remember Lebron James promising Miami Heat fans several world titles before he was done playing for the Heat. In the very early days of the “big three,” several titles may have been something people could have bought into. But now that the fans in Miami see how limited the Heat have to be with depth players thanks to the salaries of the “big three,” last year’s title may have to be more treasured than James had anticipated. Even though Miami won game one of this series, the Heat’s grasp on the Eastern Conference is starting to slip.

The NBA Basketball Sports Betting Bottom Line

The Indiana Pacers now know what they have to do to beat the Miami Heat and fans will see a lot of adjustments from Indiana in this game. This series will be a dog fight right down to the seventh game with neither team really having any kind of home court advantage. As for this second game, the Indiana Pacers cannot wait to show the Heat what Indiana learned in game one.

2013 NBA Basketball Sports Betting Pick: Indiana Pacers

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