UFC Betting – Silva Solidifies His Title As Best Pound-For-Pound Fighter In The World At UFC 148

UFC 162 Recap – How Bad Did Anderson Silva Want To Keep The Belt
It was easily one of the most highly anticipated US sports betting sites showdowns in UFC history. The preliminary card on FX alone reached a new high with a record 1.8 million viewers, and that began hours before UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva made his way to the Octagon to defend his title against challenger Chael Sonnen in the main event at UFC 148. The tension between the two fighters had been building since even before Silva forced Sonnen in to submission in their first contest at UFC 117 back in August of 2010, and peaked when the champion broke character and told the media that he would break every bone in Sonnen’s body when he was given the chance. The main event didn’t disappoint either, although Silva needed less than two full rounds to end the fight with a vicious knockout and defend his title for a record 10th straight time, proving his merit as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

To say that Silva dominated with a second-round knockout that earned him Knockout of the Night honors wouldn’t be to tell the whole story though, as the bout began with Sonnen dictating the first five minutes with his aggressive style and excellent ground attack. Sonnen immediately took Silva to the ground, and worked the entire first round from the mount, eventually breaking Silva’s guard and delivering some pretty good shots with the champion on his back. When the first round ended, it seemed as though Sonnen was more than up to the task as the challenger, and that if he kept himself composed he would have a good chance to end Silva’s undefeated run in the UFC. In fact, Sonnen was credited with landing 76 strikes in the opening round compared to Silva’s zero according to the official UFC statistician FightMetric.

However, the second round was much different than the first, with Silva avoiding two early takedown attempts from Sonnen to remain standing up, a position favorable to the height and reach advantage of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master. The two exchanged a couple of shots in the center of the octagon with Silva getting the better of the two, and similar to in the first fight when he left himself vulnerable for a submission when he was just minutes away from winning the belt, Sonnen once again took an uncalculated risk that left him exposed for a kill shot. The 35-year old American attempted a spinning back fist and completely missed Silva, tripping over his own feet and falling to the mat. It took seconds for the champion to take his position and land a brutal knee shot to the body, and while Sonnen was able to get back to his feet he could no longer withstand a barrage of punches, and eventually Silva ended the fight by filling the challenger on the mat until the online betting tilt was stopped.

After watching the way he dominated the first rounds in their first sportsbook fight, and the opening round in their second fight, that Sonnen had what it takes to beat Silva physically. However, on both occasions Sonnen was not up to the task mentally, and took uncalculated risks that left him exposed and was forced to pay for them with consecutive losses. While the defeat leaves Sonnen in a weird position, it undoubtedly solidifies Silva’s reputation as the most dominant pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Silva has now defended his title a record 10-straight times, winning all 15 of his fights in the UFC. What comes next for the UFC Middleweight champion only time will tell, but the bottom line for now is that the sports bet war between Silva and Sonnen is over, with Silva on top.

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