Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Bonuses For The 2013-14 NHL Season?

It is almost the end of September and the start of NHL is on October 1 2013. Last season was extremely exciting especially after the lockout in the beginning of the season. Last year the people who bet on hockey lost out on a lot of action because of the lockout. The good news is that on October 1 2013 sports bettors have three games to bet on. The Toronto Maple Leaves are squaring off against the Montreal Canadiens. The betting lines have not been released yet however once the Sportsbooks release them we will update you. The Washington Capitals are facing off against The Chicago Blackhawks and lastly The Winnipeg Jets are set to play The Edmonton Oilers. Many of our readers have sportsbook that they have been dealing with.

There are a lot of people still searching the sports gambling forums looking to see who has the best odds, customer service, fastest payouts, and a whole host of things. The good thing is that some of the best sports betting sites for USA Players have bonus promotions going on for the NFL season, which NHL Bettors can capitalize on.

Every1bets.com will list our bonus promotions however there are three Sportsbooks that our readers that bet on football rave about. The three USA Online Sportsbooks are BetAnySports, BetOnline, & 5Dimes. We will provide all NHL Hockey bettors with the current football bonus codes all we ask in return is that you click using our links. Good Luck and Bet and Win!

Wagering Picks For Thursday September 26 2013 Sports Games

Edgar from Every1bets.com is giving a quick update on his picks for tonight’s sporting events. The San Francisco 49ers square off against The Rams for week 4 of NFL Betting. As far as MLB we are getting closer to the playoffs which means it is crunch time for some teams. Tonight The Texas Rangers are facing off against The Los Angeles Angeles.

As The Texas Rangers versus The Angels I think this one is going under. The Texas Rangers have played impeccable baseball however I think that The Angels are bring their A game to try to take second place in the American League Western Division but The Rangers will win.

I think The 49ers will pull this off and end up winning. They have had a terrible start to the 2013 NFL season and have to play bettor. It is hard to say if the game is going to go over or under based on the 49ers desire to win and push from Jim Harbaugh, I think it will go under.

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