Win Big Betting the NFL at BetAnySports

Win Big Betting the NFL at BetAnySports, Most sports bettors that love to wager on NFL games are mainly concerned with which teams they want to bet on in any given weekly schedule of games. Whether you formulate your picks through your own handicapping efforts, buy a NFL selection package from an expert handicapper or pick the winners out of a hat, an equally important part of the process is where you actually bet on the games.
One of the top online sportsbooks for US players looking to bet on NFL games is BetAnySports. As a market leader in the online sports betting industry, this online betting outlet has proven itself to be a fan-favorite that always offers ‘More Ways to Bet and More Ways to Win’.
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How Can I Win Big Betting the NFL at BetAnySports?

Pointspreads and total lines remain the most popular means to place a straight bet on a NFL game, but the main way that BetAnySports gives you more ways to bet along with more ways to win is through an extensive list of NFL betting exotics.

Most sports bettors are familiar with parlay plays combining two or more betting picks into one single bet. Two betting variations on a standard parlay are known as teasers when you move betting spread away from your favor to earn even better odds or pleasers where you move the spread in your favor for a smaller return on a winning parlay bet.

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If-bets give you the option to string together a series of bets that are predicated on winning the previous bet. If you win Game A of an if-bet, the bet on Game B will be in play. This continues for as long as you keep winning each successive game included in the entire if-bet. If you lose Game A, the rest of the bet is cancelled. This is an excellent way to add a money management system to your overall betting strategy.

A few of the other NFL betting variables on BetAnySports’ exotic board include reverses, Asian handicaps, and point buying. A thorough explanation of each of these betting variables can be found in the Wager Types/ Payoffs in the Sportsbook section.

Another way that BetAnySports lets you win more is ‘reduced juice’ options on certain NFL pointspread bets. For example, a betting line might read as follows:

Dallas Cowboys +3 (-120)
Carolina Panthers -3 (+100)
In this scenario, a wager on Carolina as a three-point favorite pays zero juice on a losing bet. If you do decide to bet on Dallas as a three-point underdog and lose, the juice on that bet would be 20 percent.

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Win Big Betting the NFL at BetAnySports
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Win Big Betting the NFL at BetAnySports
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