Three Point Teaser Bets In More Depth

Three Team Teaser Bets
In the last article we covered on teaser betting, we covered the basic strategies. We will look into more advanced techniques such as have a clear understanding of three team teasers. For instance lets say that we have a three-team teaser at +180, what is the percentage we need each time in order to win?

What Percentage of The Time Do We Need Our Team To Win In A Three-Point Teaser?

With a three-team teaser at +180 we will need each of our teams to win 70.95 percent of the time. How do we determine if we should do a straight bet against the spread or a teaser? We look into some of the best online sports betting sites that Accept USA Players which offers reduced juice such as BetAnySports or 5Dimes USA Online Sportsbooks.

Straight Wager against The odds is better than a Three-Point Teaser?

Once we pull up the odds or links, we see that we would pay -105. We must calculate what it will take to break even by dividing the risk over the return (Risk/Return). For instance a $105 wager will give us $205 (our $105 bet plus $100 win), so the calculation is 105/205=0.5122, which is 51.22%. For this bet we would bet 51.22% in a straight wager and implementing reduced juice we have 19.73%. If we remember for us to break even with a three-point teaser we had to have each team win 70.95% of the time.

What other variables can we use to use in calculating a teaser?

Although we have calculated the odds on which bet is better, we are going to go further in depth. We understand that we need to look at 6 additional points increases to be victorious by the 19.75% The fact is that very seldom does the 6 points increase your victory probalilty. The most common variables in order are 3, 7, 10, 6, 14, 4, 1, 17, 13 and 2. Henceforth, this is the reason that teaser bets historically have a positive EV.

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